Hi!  I’m Emily. It’s nice to meet you.

Welcome to my e-portfolio, Staccato.  It’s an ever-expanding, widely varied collection of my writing as a well as an academic component to my minor in writing at U of M, which I hope to complete by April 2014.  Pieces, excerpts, character sketches, reflections, essays…after I’ve brought it to life, it all comes here to unite.  Most of my writing is personal and reflective because I enjoy writing about my life, but I have also chosen to include some more academic pieces of writing here as well.

“Staccato,” the title of my e-portfolio, is a subtle reference to my identity as both a writer and a musician.  In music,”staccato” is a notation that instructs the performer to play “with each sound or note sharply detached or separated from the others.”  In writing or prose, the adjective “staccato” is sometimes used to describe a dry style of shorter. to-the-point. sentences.  I feel like this word sometimes describes my writing style because I like to offset musical and lyrical prose with short punchy sentences or fragments.  I also like to think of the word “staccato” more abstractly– “sharply detached” ideas, original modes of thought or means of expressing that are unique, individual, and “separated from the others.”

So here’s how to navigate Staccato:

Each tab in the menu is the title of either: a) a specific project, or b) a genre of writing.  Click on the main tabs to see an overarching description of the project or genre.  All tabs besides Home, (this one), have a drop-down menu to include the multiple drafts of each project and pieces of each genre.

Enjoy!  ; )

Kunsthofpassage Funnel Wall in Dresden, Germany 

(psssttt!  click the picture…

and scroll down a little bit on the new page!)

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